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The Plasma Chemistry Laboratory at CAIS is an analytical geochemistry laboratory specializing in the analysis of trace elements and isotope ratios in biological, environmental, geological, archaeological and other materials.

Solid samples can be analyzed, without the need for digestion, by laser ablation ICP-MS. The laboratory is equipped with a Teledyne LSX-213 G2+ laser ablation system coupled to a Thermo X-Series II ICP-MS. The system was recently installed and will be ready soon for contract analytical work. The ablation cell can accommodate petrographic thin or thick sections, epoxy mounts, or pressed pellets, as well as objects as large as 10 x 10 cm. For method development and research collaborations please contact us.

Analytical Fees

Normal turnaround is 2-4 weeks. 3-5 day rush service is available and will be charged 1.5X the normal rates. 1 day rush service is available for analyses that do not require digestion and will be charged 2X the normal rates. To help us prepare for your rush analyses please e-mail us a copy of your sample submission form. For training, demos, or large/ongoing projects please contact us. If you require a formal quote, we would be happy to provide one if you let us know the sample type, number of samples, type of analysis and sample preparation required, turnaround time, and what elements you need.

We accept payment by check, credit card, purchase order, or bank wire. UGA clients may also pay using their SpeedType. If you plan to pay by wire, please let us know in advance. A $25 wire fee will be added to your quote and invoice. If you plan to pay by PO and you work at a university or large company you will most likely need a formal quote before you can request a PO, which should be done before submitting samples.


Sample Prep Analytical Fees Chart
StandardInternal (USG/Emory)
Milling (must submit coarse powder- we do not do rock crushing)inquireinquire
ICP-MS Analytical Fees Chart, per sample
Internal (USG/Emory)
Laser ablation