Geochemistry research at CAIS uses the geochemical behavior of major and trace elements, and their stable and radiogenic isotopes, as records of various geologic processes. These same data are often used as indicators of the provenance of archaeological artifacts. We are well equipped for this work thanks to a large facility housing several isotope ratio mass spectrometers, extensive prep laboratories, and an environmental chemistry laboratory equipped for Hg and metals analysis in soils and waters. In addition to various preparatory facilities within our building, we have access to a large Class 10,000/1000/100 cleanroom immediately adjacent to our facility. Active research programs include the radiogenic isotope characterization of basement provinces in the Georgia piedmont, tree-ring chemistry as recorders of volcanic eruptions, assessing the efficacy of Pb-removal by household filtering systems, and a large and diverse program based on the geochemical and isotopic characterization of archaeological materials.