The Center for Applied Isotope Studies (CAIS) is committed to the principle of having an inclusive academic and administrative workforce. We recognize that diversity includes, but is not limited to, groups defined by race, nationality, ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation, language, religion, disability, and/or health status, gender identity/expression, veteran status, geographic origin, and socio-economic status. CAIS will work toward the goal of ensuring that its activities reflect this diversity, thus creating an environment where individual differences have value and serve as a source for collective empowerment.

To meet this objective, CAIS has created a diversity plan, modeled after UGA’s plan that will serve as a framework for an inclusive and diverse environment within CAIS units. CAIS’s plan is a living document and its goals and objectives will be continually evaluated and updated to address current strengths, challenges, recommendations, and accountability measures.

CAIS supervisors are responsible for sharing progress, major accomplishments, and obstacles in attaining the identified goals and objectives. The Director will review progress made by CAIS and describe these achievements in the annual reporting process. The goals and objectives of the CAIS diversity plan are:

Goal #1 – Enhance and sustain a climate that values and welcomes diversity and inclusiveness.


1. Provide opportunities for CAIS faculty, staff, and students to enhance their knowledge, skills, and abilities in working with diverse individuals and groups.
2. Provide exposure to other customs, traditions, societies, and ethnicities through effective interaction and engagement across diverse groups.
3. Provide training, enhance communication, and assure fair and equitable treatment free from harassment, discrimination, and bias.

Goal #2 – Recruit, retain, and support advancement opportunities for a more diverse faculty, administration, staff, and student workforce within CAIS.


1. Evaluate and enhance current recruitment, promotion and retention strategies to achieve greater diversity within CAIS.
2. Increase faculty and staff diversity at CAIS and at all levels, including leadership positions.
3. Expand the collection, management, and dissemination of annual data on diversity of faculty and staff in order to track growth and declines in the CAIS units.
4. Utilize existing programs or, as needed, create new ones that provide staff and faculty with opportunities for career development and advancement.

Goal #3 – Encourage the inclusion of diversity plans in the numerous UGA programs and activities.


1. Promote diversity as a conscious element of all activities supported by CAIS.
2. Expand and encourage diversity-related research across the research enterprise.
3. Expand the collection, management, and dissemination of annual data on diversity-related research and initiatives.

Goal #4 – Support further research to advance the University’s commitment to diversity and to access the ways in which diversity advances the University’s mission.


1. Encourage activities that promote the scholarship of diversity, as a way of both enhancing a culture of inclusiveness and establishing UGA as a leader in this important area.

Goal #5 – Integrate diversity and inclusiveness into established systems of accountability.


1. Establish CAIS baselines and conduct assessments that will measure improvements in diversity and inclusiveness.
2. Recognize and document CAIS contributions to diversity and inclusiveness.
3. Include diversity and inclusiveness activities in CAIS annual reports and diversity metrics.