STEM on the MOVE is a program developed with the assistance of a Learning Technologies Grant from UGA’s Center for Teaching and Learning. STEM on the MOVE provides non-STEM courses with the opportunity to incorporate hands-on science and technology related learning, by providing portable instruments, analyses, and lectures. To date, STEM on the MOVE has been involved in undergraduate courses, serving more than 300 students, in Anthropology, Art, Family and Consumer Science, English and two First Year Odyssey courses. An example of a STEM on the MOVE project is ENGL 3892S Fragments from the Past: Working with Medieval Books. During the final third of the course, undergraduates research medieval manuscript manufacture, pigments, and inks, develop research questions about their manuscript fragments, before using a portable X-ray Fluorescence spectrometer to determine the chemical composition of inks and pigments used on their manuscripts. Undergraduates analyze the spectra, evaluate what the spectral data means in terms of pigments/inks used, and write a brief scientific report on their findings.

Tours of CAIS are available on a first-come first-serve basis for University and P-12 classes. To find out more contact