Yi-Ting (Emmy) Deng

Job Title: Lab Supervisor of the Stable Isotope Ecology Lab

Phone Number: 706.542.7631

Highest Degree Earned: M.S.

Yi-Ting (Emmy) Deng

Emmy Deng, M.S., joined CAIS in 2012 and has over 10 years of analytical experience in soil and water chemistry. Ms. Deng earned her undergraduate degree in Soil and Environmental Sciences, at the National Chung-Hsing University in Taiwan, and her M.S. degree in Crop and Soil Science, at the University of Georgia. Her graduate research focused on heavy metal transport in contaminated soil and water. At CAIS, Ms. Deng oversees the daily operation of Stable Isotope Ecology Lab. Besides the nutrient analysis for the water/plant/soil samples, Ms. Deng is also responsible for the analysis, data reporting, QA/QC of δ13C and δ18O ratios in carbonate materials using the Thermo Scientific Gas Bench IRMS systems. Her other responsibilities include managing/training scientific staff, student technicians, invoicing, and accommodating clients’ needs, etc.


Outside of work, Ms. Deng enjoys exploring food, coffee, bubble tea, and doing outdoor activities with her family and friends.