Scott E. Noakes

Job Title: Associate Research Scientist

Phone Number: 706.542.6134

Highest Degree Earned: Ph.D.

Scott E. Noakes

Scott Noakes, Ph.D., joined CAIS in 1988, and has as over 31 years of oceanographic research experience focusing on water quality, ocean acidification, contaminated sediments, paleontology and invasive species. Dr. Noakes is the author or co-author of over 100 technical reports, research publications and conference presentations and leads projects ranging from estuarine to offshore environments with multiple federal and state agencies. He is an active scuba instructor, has logged over 650 scientific dives as part of his ongoing research, and currently serves as the Director of the University System of Georgia Scientific Diving Program, a statewide research diving organization that includes five Georgia universities. Dr. Noakes is an adjunct professor in both the Marine Science and Geology departments where he teaches courses on a regular basis. Dr. Noakes also serves as the non-living resource representative on NOAA’s Gray’s Reef National Marine Sanctuary council, a governing body established to ensure the well-being of the offshore preserve.

During high school and college, Scott restored classic cars. One of his cars went on to win at a national Chevy show in Chicago.