Randy A. Culp

Job Title: Research Scientist

Phone Number: 706.542.6122

Highest Degree Earned: Ph.D.

Randy A. Culp

Randy Culp, Ph.D., joined CAIS in 1982, and has more than 35 years of experience in radiocarbon and stable isotope biogeochemistry. Dr. Culp’s research involves the use of radiocarbon and stable isotopes to understand biogeochemical cycles in the marine environment and the fate of terrestrial organic matter in coastal environments through the use of compound specific radiocarbon and stable isotopes in lignin and other organic compounds. In parallel with this research, he applies these methods to natural product authenticity and bio-base product certification. These methods allow for the authentication of source materials, confirmation of processing methods, provenance and geo-source modeling of foods, flavors and beverages. Dr. Culp collaborates with researchers from industry, government agencies and academia including UGA’s departments of Geology, Marine Science, Archaeology and Kinesiology in isotopic applications. His training of students and scientific staff has helped to establish and maintain CAIS as one of the premier radiocarbon and stable isotope facilities in the world.

Randy trains his two Portuguese Water Dogs, Cruiser and Stella, in water and agility activities, when he is not in the lab.