Megan Anne Conger

Job Title: Graduate Research Assistant

Phone Number: 706.542.3922

Highest Degree Earned: B.A.

Megan Anne Conger

Megan Anne Conger is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Anthropology at UGA. She has excavated throughout the US (including Mississippian mounds in the southeast, historic-era Iroquoian longhouses in New York, and half-finished pueblos in Chaco Canyon) and abroad (Bronze-Age landscapes in Mongolia). She has ten years of experience working with museum collections, and specializes in collections-based research. Her research interests center upon trade, value, and world-system expansion, particularly in colonial contexts in North America. She has methodological expertise in zooarchaeology, historic trade good analyses, ethnohistory, radiocarbon dating, and Bayesian chronological modeling. Her dissertation work reassesses long-standing relative chronologies, including glass bead chronologies, through AMS dating and Bayesian chronological modeling. She is a research assistant for the NSF-funded Dating Iroquoia project, which uses AMS dating and Bayesian chronological modeling to build fine-grained chronological histories for individual Iroquoian communities. At CAIS, she conducts research in the AMS sample preparation lab.

Associated Laboratories:
Radiocarbon AMS Facility