Marianne Happek

Job Title: Research Technician III

Phone Number: 706.227.7994

Highest Degree Earned: BLA

Marianne Happek

Marianne Happek joined CAIS in 2009, and has more than 9 years of experience in radiocarbon and stable isotope analysis, particularly in the pretreatment and processing of samples using wet chemistry, vacuum systems and light microscopy. Ms. Happek’s responsibilities also include preparing samples for graphitization, isotope and trace gas analysis, and training student interns in sample pretreatment and preparation.

In January 2018, Ms. Happek joined the Laboratory of Environmental Analysis at CAIS. Ms. Happek’s primary responsibilities are pre-treating and preparing samples for Metal, Carbon and Ion analysis on the ICP, the Ion Chromatograph, the Gas Chromatograph, and the HPLC. She is solely responsible for operating and analyzing samples on the Ion Chromatograph. However, she also serves as Laboratory Manager, where her responsibilities include purchasing, invoicing, equipment maintenance and supply management. Additionally, she prepares reagents and manages the lab’s chemical waste. Finally, she engages and communicates with clients.