Doug Dvoracek

Job Title: Associate Research Scientist, Co-PI of Plasma Chem Lab

Phone Number: 706.542.6136

Highest Degree Earned: PhD

Doug Dvoracek

Doug Dvoracek, Ph.D., joined CAIS in 1995, and has more than 20 years of experience in applied isotope analysis for geological and archaeological applications. Doug’s background is in the structural geology of Precambrian terranes exposed in Laramide structures, and on igneous systems associated with the culmination of the Alleghanian orogeny in northeast Georgia. He was initially hired at CAIS to develop the graphite reduction lab to support of the newly founded Radiocarbon AMS program, and is currently developing high-resolution multicollector techniques for archaeological and geological samples. Archaeological applications of HR-MC-ICP-MS include migratory patterns of humans and animals, and provenance of artifacts using Strontium and Lead isotope systems. Geological applications focus on geochronology and petrogenetic studies of igneous rocks using Strontium, Lead, Hafnium and Neodymium systems. In the summer months, Doug teaches field courses for the Geology department including the Interdisciplinary Field Program, which camps at various locations throughout the western U.S., and the capstone field-mapping program held in Cañon City Colorado.

Doug’s time outside of work is mostly spent rescuing and caring for old dogs, of which he has several at any given time.

Associated Laboratories:
Plasma Chemistry Laboratory