Annalee Pickett

Job Title: Glass Shop Manager

Phone Number: 706-542-5989

Office: Room 373 Chemistry Building, 140 Cedar Street, Athens, Ga 30602

Lab: Glass Shop

Annalee Pickett

Annalee Pickett is the Glass Shop Manager at the University of Georgia, as of Fall 2020. She is a graduate of Salem Community College, the only institution in the USA to offer a degree in Scientific Glassblowing. After graduating with honors and an associate degree in Applied Science, Annalee was immediately hired in Colorado to begin her career as a Scientific Glassblower. Through working for private industry, Annalee gained compounding knowledge of techniques and tools used to construct increasingly complicated apparatus using borosilicate and fused quartz glasses. After ten years of commercial glass, Annalee happily accepted the offer to work at UGA to provide services for the education sector.

Annalee’s love of and interest in glass begin in high school with a simple beadmaking kit from the hobby store. One day she was introduced to scientific glass by Dave Perry at the University of Illinois, and that day changed her life. Scientific glass is a craftsman’s trade that instantly appealed to her and has driven her to pursue and hone her skills in glassblowing. To come full circle from a guest in the University Glass Shop to being the Manager is an accomplishment few achieve.

Annalee is a Regular contributing member of the American Scientific Glassblower’s Society and served as Director of the Rocky Mountain Section for the last two years. She supports and values the ASGS as a living connection to the tradition of glassblowers passing on information, as well as its long-standing commitment to the many people who make up the Society and look to it as a resource in their work.  Annalee began serving as President of the ASGS in summer of 2023.

Consider Annalee to be your friendly neighborhood glassblower! She’s only an email or a phone call away at UGA. Her Office is in the Chemistry building on Campus, room 373.

Associated Laboratories:

Scientific Glass Blowing Facility