Alex Cherkinsky

Job Title: Senior Research Scientist, PI of Radiocarbon Lab

Phone Number: 706.542.6111

Highest Degree Earned: Ph.D

Alex Cherkinsky

Alex Cherkinsky, Ph.D, joined CAIS in 2006, and has more than 30 years of experience in AMS applications and stable isotope ratio analysis for archaeological, geological, hydrological, and environmental sciences. Dr. Cherkinsky developed new techniques for AMS radiocarbon sample preparation, measurement and data analysis, including the dating of ultra-small samples, and was instrumental in the of dating of bone using the bioapatite. He also developed and published the first model of soil turnover rate with application of radiocarbon dates and is one of the PIs in Calhoun CZO project where he is responsible for studies of SOM turnover rates in different fractions. Dr. Cherkinsky’s long-term research in dating of bone fractions and the radiocarbon dating of soil, has gained international recognition. He received his Ph.D. in Biogeochemistry from Moscow State University, Russia.

Associated Laboratories:
Radiocarbon AMS Facility