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We use an OI-Analytical Aurora 1030W TOC analyzer coupled to a Thermo Delta V to analyze dissolved organic and inorganic 13C. Dissolved inorganic carbon-13C is determined by measuring the CO2 released following the addition of hydrochloric acid. Using the heated persulfate wet oxidation method, dissolved carbon is completely oxidized and analyzed as CO2 in the IRMS.

Sample preparation

We recommend supplying at least 30 mL of filtered sample on 40 mL amber glass bottles. Refrigerate samples until analysis. If samples are to be shipped, individually wrap each glass sample bottles with bubble wrap or comparable packing material and use water tight bags (such as Ziplocks) for secondary containment. Ship on ice packs.


Isotopic Preparation and Analysis by Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry (IRMS)
Analyte Description, Instrumentation, Processing Price (all prices are per sample)
Dissolved Inorganic 13C: Processing & Analysis by TIC-TOC-IRMS $25.00
Dissolved Organic 13C: Processing & Analysis by TIC-TOC-IRMS$25.00

Price List