XRF spectrometers are robust elemental composition analysis instruments that are used the world over in industry and research as critical due diligence, positive materials identification, valuation, and regulatory compliance tools. An XRF spectrometer provides simultaneous analysis of a wide range of elements, and can be used as either a qualitative screening tool or a fully quantitative elemental analysis instrument.

In general, analysis with XRF spectrometry is nondestructive, not altering the sample in any way. The only technical exception to this nondestructive property is that some samples need to be prepared for analysis. Whether or not samples need to be prepared (grain size reduced, homogenized, etc.) depends on the analyst’s data quality objectives, as well as the sample’s initial chemical and physical makeup.

The CAIS X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) Laboratory operates multiple portable and laboratory based XRF systems. Our commitment to high quality XRF data extends to the development of user specific analytical calibrations for solids, powders, liquids, ash, obsidian, historic copper alloys and ceramics for example, and training in the proper use, calibration and data reporting for pXRF.



XRF Analytical Services
XRF Analytical Services
Standard (2-3 weeks)Rush (5 business days)
Major and Minor Elements by ED-XRF (non-volcanic rocks, ceramics & sediments)$35$52
Obsidian & other volcanic rocks (non‐destructive; Mn, Fe, Rb, Sr, Y, Zr, Nb)$20$30
Obsidian & other volcanic rocks (no-destructive student projects; Mn, Fe, Rb, Sr, Y, Zr, Nb)$10n/a
Obsidian source samples (geologic samples only)no chargen/a
Pigments (qualitative analysis; non–destructive)$25$37
Metals & alloys (quantitative analysis; precious metals, copper alloys, ferrous metals)$35$52
Bromine in plant samples$25$37
Onsite pXRF analyses$1000/dayn/a
Analysis of liquidsContact UsContact Us
Custom calibrations and developmental workContact UsContact Us
Core Scanning
Core Scanning
Standard (2-3 weeks)Rush (5 business days)
Core scanning (price per meter; 1-3 mm increments)$900n/a
Core scanning (price per meter; 4-6 mm increments)$700n/a
Core scanning (price per meter; 7-10 mm increments)$500n/a
XRF Sample Preparation
XRF Sample Preparation
Standard (2-3 weeks)
Rush (5 business days)
Grinding (rocks and ceramics)$25$37
Grinding (organic materials)$10$15
Loss on ignition$15$25
Pressed pellets (8 g minimum sample)$15$25
Washing dirty samples$5$10
Freeze drying or oven drying$5$10
X-ray Diffraction
X-ray Diffraction
Standard (4-8 weeks)
XRD - bulk analysis$175
XRD - clays$350

All new customers must contact the laboratory before mailing samples

There is a MINIMUM CHARGE of $200 for non-USG/Emory projects

There is a MINIMUM CHARGE of $50 for USG/Emory projects

University System of Georgia and Emory University projects receive a 30% discount