Scott E. Noakes, Ph.D.

CAIS Associate Research Scientist
Selected Publications

  • Xue, L., W-J. Cai, X. Hu, Y. Wang, C. Sabine, L.-Q. Jiang and S. Noakes (in press). Sea surface carbon dioxide (CO2) at the Georgia time-series site (2006-2007): Air-sea flux and controlling processes. Journal of Geophysical Research.

    Noakes, S.E. and N. Pyenson (in review). Late Pleistocene records of Atlantic gray whales offshore Georgia, USA. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology.

    Garrison, E.G., G. McFall, A. Cherkinsky and S.E. Noakes 2012. Discovery of a Pleistocene mysticete whale, Georgia Bight (USA). Palaeontologia Electronica 15:3. 31A, 10p.

    Waters, J.P., S.E. Noakes, D.H. Easley, and Shea Penland, 2009.  Geochemistry of surficial sediments from Lake Pontchartrain resulting from the 1997 opening of the Bonnet Carre Spillway.  Journal of Coastal Research  54.

    Noakes, S.E., E.G. Garrison, and G.B. McFall, 2009.  Underwater paleontology:  Recovery of a prehistoric whale mandible offshore Georgia.  Diving for Science, American Academy of Underwater Sciences, Pollack and Godfrey. 245-251.

    Garrison, E.G, S.E. Noakes and G. McFall, 2008.  Shallow marine margin sediments, modern marine erosion and the fate of sequence boundaries – Georgia Bight (USA).  Southeastern Geology 45:3. 127-142.

    Noakes, S.E. and P.C. Jutte, 2006.  Utilizing gamma isotope tracers to determine sediment source at reef sites near the Charleston Ocean Dredged Material Disposal Site.  Marine Pollution Bulletin 52:6. 666-673.

    Noakes, J.E., S.E. Noakes, D.K. Dvoracek, and P.B. Bush, 1999. GIMS/CS3: Survey and Mapping System for Surficial Marine Sediments. Sea Technology 40:8. 49-54.

    Noakes, J.E., S.E. Noakes, D.K. Dvoracek, R.A. Culp, and P.B. Bush, 1999. Rapid coastal survey of anthropogenic radionuclides, metals, and organic compounds in surficial marine sediments.  The Science of the Total Environment. 237/238. 449-458.

    Noakes, S.E., D.K. Dvoracek, and J.E. Noakes, 1997. A rapid in situ survey of metals in sediments of Lake Pontchartrain, Louisiana. Transactions of the Gulf Coast Association of Geological Societies 47. 413-418.

    For further information contact Scott Noakes (706) 542-6134