Radiocarbon Applications

The CAIS specializes in the measurement of radiocarbon (C-14) for three primary purposes:

  • Radiocarbon Dating: Determining the age of a carbon-containing material by measuring the C-14 activity in a sample relative to a known standard, and calculating the time since it was last living and in equilibrium with its carbon source.
  • Natural Products Authenticity Testing: Distinguishing materials (often food and flavoring products) that are derived botanically (naturally) versus those derived in whole or in part from fossil fuels (synthetically).
  • Biobased Products Initiative: Developing a certification program for products that incorporate biological materials ("biobased products").

Measurement Methods: Two methods for radiocarbon measurement are available at the CAIS: Low-Level Liquid Scintillation Counting (LSC) and Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (AMS). Using LSC the age of a sample is determined by measuring the amount of radioactive decay in the sample. Using AMS, the age is determined by directly counting the carbon atoms in the sample. More »

For further information contact Dr. Doug Dvoracek (706) 542-6136 or
Dr. Alex Cherkinsky (706) 542-6111

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