Field Systems Development

The CAIS has designed, constructed and tested a collection of field-deployable systems for radiological monitoring and environmental remediation:

Aquatic Survey Systems:  A variety of towed-array survey systems used for in situ sampling and mapping of radiological and elemental parameters in the surficial aquatic sediments of marine and fresh water environments.

Field Deployable Tritium Analysis System:  A remotely-controlled field system for near real-time, in situ analysis of tritium and other beta emitters in surface and ground water samples,  and adaptable for the measurement of alpha and gamma emitters.

Underwater Munitions Recovery System:  A remotely-operated system for the recovery of unexploded ordinance (UXO) in marine environments, for non-destructive underwater remediation in sensitive environments and maintenance of existing offshore firing ranges.

Rapid Radiological Response System:  A monitoring system for the mapping of  radiation levels along roadway and railway transportation corridors, using automotive, rail-based, or airborne survey platforms.