Aquatic Sediment Survey Systems

Field system development and application

The CAIS has designed several towed-array survey systems that enable rapid in situ sampling and the measurement of a variety of parameters in surficial aquatic sediments. The systems can be applied to complete large-scale surveys over broad geographic ranges in marine and fresh water environments. They are readily adapted for deployment from research vessels of all sizes.

Originally developed to assess offshore mineral resources, the CAIS survey systems have proven to be a cost-effective means for establishing environmental baselines, conducting long-term monitoring programs, and assessing a broad range of sediment-associated contaminants in the aquatic environment.

Gamma Isotope Mapping System (GIMS): Near real time mapping of the distribution of naturally occurring or anthropogenic radionuclides in surficial aquatic sediments.

Continuous Sediment Sampling & Analysis System (CS3):Continuous collection of closely spaced surficial sediment samples and mapping of elemental and organic analyte concentrations.

GIMS/CS3 Combined Survey System: A single comprehensive unit that permits the simultaneous operation of the two component systems.

The CAIS aquatic survey systems are available for use on a contract basis.      Publications

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