GIMS/CS3 Combined Survey System

The GIMS/CS3 Aquatic Survey System combines the Gamma Isotope Mapping System (GIMS) with the Continuous Sediment Sampling System (CS3) to enable rapid collection of sediment parameter data and sediment samples in all types of aquatic environments. The separate component systems are operated simultaneously using a common sensor platform and shipboard instrumentation, and offer the following capabilities:

  • Rapid radionuclide, geochemical, and bathymetric survey over a broad geographic area;
  • Real time monitoring of natural or anthropogenic gamma activity in surficial sediments;
  • Near real time mapping of gamma activity in surficial sediments.
  • Continuous collection of closely-spaced surficial sediment samples;
  • Analysis for elemental and organic components of sediment samples;
  • Mapping of gamma activities and elemental and organic concentrations in surficial sediments.

Like its separate component systems, the GIMS/CS3 can be deployed in water depths of up to 100 meters and towed at speeds of 2 to 3 knots along survey transects. Two- and three-dimensional maps of gamma activity in surficial sediments can be generated in near real time during the survey process. Maps of elemental and organic analyte concentrations are generated following laboratory analysis of collected samples.

The GIMS/CS3 is available on a contract basis.
For further information contact Dr. Scott E. Noakes (706) 542-6134

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