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Jeff Speakman, Ph.D.

Jeff Speakman is an archaeologist and geochemist with research interests in ceramic and obsidian geochemistry and heavy metals in the environment. Much of Jeff's current research centers on the development and application of portable analytical equipment (e.g., portable-XRF) to non-invasively study archaeological and geological materials, art, and other materials.

Angela McLendon

Business Manager
Angela is the Business Manager for CAIS and oversees all matters of business affairs and finance. Angela joined CAIS in October 2013.

Juanita Strickland

Administrative Manager
Juanita is an Administrative Manager II of the CAIS and oversees all matters of business affairs and finance. She joined CAIS in October 2012 she brings with her 30+ years UGA administrative experience.

Jennifer Frank

Associate Accountant
Jennifer is an Associate Accountant at CAIS. Jennifer joined CAIS in August 2014.

Dorothy O'Niell

Dorothy O'Niell is an editor serving the scientific staff of the CAIS for the preparation of grant proposals, manuscripts for publication and professional presentations, and the administrative staff for a variety of needs related to Center operations.

   Scientific Staff


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Alex Cherkinsky, Ph.D.

Senior Research Scientist
Alex Cherkinsky is a biogeochemist with research interests in the applications of AMS to archaeology, geology, hydrology, and the environmental sciences.

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Randy Culp, Ph.D.

Associate Director
Randy Culp is a marine scientist and organic geochemist with research interests that involve the use of combined analytical techniques of gas chromatography / isotope ratio mass spectrometry and accelerator mass spectrometry to determine the isotopic abundance of 14C, 13C and D of individual compounds.

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Doug Dvoracek, Ph.D.

Associate Research Scientist
Doug Dvoracek is a geochemist with research interests focused on the application of accelerator mass spectrometric techniques in radiocarbon dating, including development of specialized sample preparation techniques for very small size samples...

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Scott Noakes, Ph.D.

Associate Research Scientist
Scott Noakes is a marine scientist and geochemist with research interests primarily focused on the development of sensors for real-time in situ measurements of the marine environment.

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Hai Pan, Ph.D.

Assistant Research Scientist
Hai Pan joined the CAIS as a post-doctoral research associate in 2012 and was hired permanently as an Assistant Research Scientist in 2014. His research interests include marine biogeochemical cycling of organic matter and paleoceanography with the application of biomarkers and their isotopic compositions.

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Ravi Prasad, Ph.D.

Senior Research Scientist
Ravi Prasad presently oversees the CAIS Accelerator Mass Spectrometry program, and is charge of operations and maintenance of the two particle accelerators that serve the research programs of the CAIS.

   Technical Staff

Larry Greenway

Research Technician
Larry Greenway is a research technician with more than 20 years of experience at CAIS in the preparation of samples for liquid scintillation counting and stable isotope analysis.

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Marianne Happek

Research Technician
Marianne Happek is a research technician with the CAIS since 2009, working primarily on the pretreatment of samples for radiocarbon dating.

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Hong Sheng

Research Technician
Shirley has been a research technician at CAIS since 2013. Her major responsibilities are to prepare samples for stable isotope and radiocarbon analyses. This includes extraction of collagen and CO2 from bone samples and the graphitization of AMS samples.

David Smith

Laboratory Manager
David Smith is a Laboratory Manager with the CAIS since 1998. David oversees many of the functions in the stable isotope laboratory with duties are focused on preparation of samples for stable isotope, liquid scintillation counting and AMS analysis.

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Floredeliza Smith

Research Technician
Liza Smith is a research technician and has been with CAIS since 2006. Her duties are focused on preparation of samples for stable isotope and AMS analysis.

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Jason Austin, Ph.D.

Post-Doctoral Research Associate
Jason Austin is a geologist interested in paleo-PCO2 in soils. He is currently working on the Calhoun Critical Zone Observatory project with Paul Schroeder (Geology) and Alex Cherkinsky.

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Alice Hunt, Ph.D.

Post-Doctoral Research Associate
Alice Hunt is an archaeological materials scientist, petrologist, and geochemist with research interests that include reconstructing ancient technologies, raw materials characterization, and the development of analytical methods for materials analysis.

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Kathy Loftis, Ph.D.

Post-Doctoral Research Associate
Kathy Loftis is an organic geochemist with research interests in biogeochemistry, stable isotope geochemistry, and radiocarbon dating. Kathy's current research focusses on compound specific amino acid dating of archaeological bone.

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    Graduate Students

Apurba Banerjee

Ph.D. Student, Family and Consumer Sciences, 2014-present

Chen Baoshan

Ph.D. Student, Marine Science, 2013-present

Corbin Kling

M.S. Student, Geology, 2014-present

Katie Reinberger

Ph.D. Student, Anthropology, 2014-present

April Smith

Ph.D. Student, Anthropology, 2014-present

    Former Students

Carla Hadden

Ph.D. Candidate, Anthropology, 2013-2014

Nick Taylor

Geology, 2013-2014

Kun Wang

Ph.D. Candidate, Family and Consumer Sciences, 2013-2014

Chinmay Murugkar

Computer Science, 2011-2013