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Alpha/Beta/Gamma Counting Resources

Laboratory: The CAIS maintains 4 Packard 1050 Tri-Carb liquid scintillation (LS) counters, 2 Packard 2250 Tri-Carb LS counters, and 3 Wallac Quantulus LS counters for alpha and beta measurement. Germanium-Lithium (GeLi) counters are used for gamma radiation measurement.

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Field: The CAIS has also designed and proven several systems for field measurement of radionuclides. The Field-Deployable Tritium Analysis System (FDTAS) is capable of remote, automated sample collection and real-time analysis of radionuclides for monitoring contaminants in hydrologic systems. The Gamma Isotope Mapping System (GIMS) is used for rapid survey and mapping of gamma activities in the surficial sediments of aquatic environments.

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Dr. Scott E. Noakes (706) 542-6134