University of Georgia Courses

CAIS faculty are actively engaged in undergraduate & graduate education, teaching more than 15 academic courses. Our faculty are experts in a range of scientific disciplines, which enables them to teach across many academic departments.

CAIS faculty regularly teach the following courses:

ANTH 1102: Introduction to Anthropology
ANTH 4900: Special Topics in Anthropology
ANTH 4950: Individual Special Topics in Anthropology
ANTH 8000E: Special Topics in Anthropology
ANTH 8755: Current Topics in Research

GEOL 2350H: Physical Geology (Honors)
GEOL 2360H: Historical Geology (Honors)
GEOL 4270: Geology Field School
GEOL 4330: Geology of North America
GEOL 4420: Introduction to Research in Geochemistry

MARS 3900: Introduction to Experimental Marine Sciences
MARS 4500: Field Study in Oceanography & Marine Methods
MARS 4740L: Scientific Diving I
MARS 4960: Undergraduate Research

BIOL 4960: Undergraduate Research in Biology

CSCI 4950: Directed Study in Computer Science

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