Center for Undergraduate Research Opportunities

University of Georgia’s Center for Undergraduate Research Opportunities, CURO, facilitates sustained, progressive, faculty mentored undergraduate research. Experiential and discovery based learning prepares students for careers and/or graduate studies in STEM disciplines and develops their self-confidence, scientific literacy and communication skills.

Through CURO undergraduates can:

  • Pursue self-selected research projects
  • Access funding, presentation & publication opportunities
  • Develop mentoring relationships focused on professional development
  • Deepen their understanding of their chosen discipline

  • Contact CAIS Faculty to discuss potential research projects.

    Applications for CURO Research Assistantships are due:
    FALL: due by June 1
    SPRING: due by November 1
    SUMMER:due by March 22

    All undergraduate students are eligible to participate in research through CURO, regardless of class standing, major, GPA or Honors standing.

    Find out more about CURO at: