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Radioisotope Analysis

The CAIS performs the following analyses:

  • -Radiocarbon (C-14) for Age Dating by Accelerator Mass Spectrometry
  • -Radiocarbon (C-14) for Age Dating by Liquid Scintillation Counting
  • -Radiocarbon (C-14) for Natural Products Authenticity Testing
  • -Radiocarbon (C-14) for Biomass Products Testing
  • -Tritium (H-3) Low-Level Measurement
  • -Radon (Rn-222) in Water
  • -Alpha or Beta Screening
  • -Gamma Spectroscopy
  • -Cesium-137 for Poultry and other Food Product Certifications

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Stable Isotope Analysis

The CAIS performs the following analyses:

  • 13C/12C  (δ13C)
  • Deuterium/Hydrogen  (D/H, or δD)
  • 18O/16O  (δ18O)
  • 15N/14N (δ15N)

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For further information contact Dr. Randy Culp (706) 542-6122

For further information on radiocarbon analyses, contact Dr. Doug Dvoracek (706) 542-6136 or
Dr. Alex Cherkinsky (706) 542-6111.

For further information on all other analyses, contact Dr. John Noakes at 706 542-1395