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Staff Information

Rebecca Auxier

Rebecca Auxier is the lab manager and senior analytical chemist. Originally from Oak Ridge, Tennessee, Ms Auxier spent six years at Oak Ridge Associated Universities as a senior radiation physics technical instructor.While at ORAU, she instructed health physicists and nuclear power plant personnel, assisted in environmental impact surveys for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and was part of a research team in association with the University of Georgia.

In 1982 she left Oak Ridge and moved to Athens to participate as a research technician in the Ogeechee River project at the University of Georgia's Institute of Ecology. In 1987, Ms. Auxier took the manager's position at the Chemical Analysis Laboratory. In 1993, the lab was accepted into Research Services as a core analytical facility. In 2007, the laboratory became part of the Center for Applied Isotope Studies, where it participates in several Isotope research studies and grants.

Ms. Auxier brings a diverse list of experences to the lab with expertise in inductively coupled plasma mass spectroscopy, plasma emission spectroscopy, graphite furnace, atomic absorption, cold vapor mercury analysis, automated wet chemistry, Geiger-Muller and liquid scintillation counters, X-ray fluorescence, neutron activation analysis, GeLi, SiLi and NaI detectors. She also has a special interest and extensive experience in animal husbandry, animal behavior, and equine exercise physiology.