Shipping Samples

Samples to be analyzed by the Chemical Analysis Laboratory must be sent to the following address. Please do not send samples to the CAIS, which is located in a separate building on the UGA campus.

Chemical Analysis Laboratory
110 Riverbend Rd., Room 170
Athens, GA 30602

Chemical Analysis Laboratory

Please use the following links to navigate within the Chemical Analysis Laboratory:

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The following is required in order for us to analyze your samples:

  1. Complete and print the Sample Submission Form.
  2. Label your samples as clearly and simply as possible.
  3. Use unbreakable sample containers.
  4. Tape caps on vials and tubes so that they do not come loose in transit.
  5. Include the Sample Submission Form with your samples, listing the following:
    1. 1. Name
    2. 2. Mailing address
    3. 3. Phone, fax, and e-mail address
    4. 4. Method of payment:
      1.  Purchase order number from your procurement department
      2.  Personal check
      3.  Visa or Mastercard number including the expiration date
    5. Provide a description of your samples, matrix type, and type of analysis desired.
    6. For further information contact Becky Auxier (706) 542-6031