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VG Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer (PlasmaQuad 3) uses an inductively coupled plasma to atomize and ionize aqueous samples. The sample's ions are then introduced into a mass spectrometer via a low pressure interface.

Once in the high vacuum region of the mass spectrometer, ions are accelerated and focused into a mass filter by a set of charged plates. The mass filter sorts the ions according to mass-to-charge ratio, only allowing specific masses to reach the detector. The detector is sensitive to charged ions and they can be counted individually or integrated with time.

This instrument is capable of elemental analysis of most of the periodic chart in the low ppts. ICP-MS requires 2 ml sample types analyzed to date, consisting of various proteins, soils, water, and plants. Standard analytical procedure consists of adding an internal standard in 2% nitric acid and analyzing. All acid sensitive samples should be brought to our attention prior to analysis.

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Thermo Jarrell-Ash 965

The Thermo Jarrell-Ash 965 Inductively Coupled Argon Plasma (ICAP) with simultaneous 30-element capability burns an aqueous sample in an argon flame. The elements present emit light at characteristic wavelengths with an intensity directly proportional to the element concentration. A computer analyzes measurements of the emitted spectrum to determine the concentration ratios among constituent elements in the sample. The ICAP requires at least 2 ml of sample.

Most samples can be run with the help of a digestion. Sample types include wooden boards, plant tissue, soils, proteins, bones, human tissue, fish, snails, clams, waste water, and ocean water.

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Thermo Jarrell-Ash Enviro 36 Inductively Coupled Argon Plasm (ICAP) with simultaneous 20-element capability.  This unit is a newer version of the previously described 965 model with lower Na and K detection limits due to improved spectrums set-up.

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PerkinElmer 2400 Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen Analyzer (CHN)

PerkinElmer 2400 Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen Analyzer (CHN) determines the total carbon, hydrogen, and nitrogen content of non-aqueous samples. This analyzer requires 1-3 mg of dry, ground plant, or animal tissue and 200 mg of dry, 18-40 mesh soils. It can also be used to analyze crystalline compounds, seston, and plastics.

Other Equipment includes a microwave digestion system, a freeze-dryer for lyophilizing tissue, and a jar mill for grinding samples for low-level metal analysis.

We use several EPA-approved and AOAC methods for preparation and analysis. 

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