Plasma Chemistry Laboratory

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The CAIS Plasma Chemistry Laboratory offers state-of-the art elemental analyses and support services, including analysis of metals, elements, nutrients, organic carbon, and cations in a wide variety of samples. We can identify the kinds and amounts of elements in chemical compounds that are important to your research, for example:

    • - Heavy metals in streams and rivers
    • - Composition of wood preservatives in building materials
    • - Nutritional content of foods
    • - Calcium in deer antlers
    • - Iron and nickel in oceanic benthic samples
    • - Toxic elements like cadmium in hand-painted Italian pottery

SHIPPING: Send samples to the CAIS Plasma Chemistry Laboratory, 120 Riverbend Road, Athens GA 30602.


Note: Effective April 1, 2015, we have moved into a newly remodelled laboratory. Please ship samples to the above address.

For further information contact the CAIS Plasma Chemistry Laboratory (706) 542-1395