Chemical Analysis Laboratory

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CAIS is the home of the Chemical Analysis Lab, which continues to offer state-of-the art chemical analytical techniques and support services, including analysis of metals, elements, nutrients, organic carbon, and cations in a wide variety of samples.

We can identify the kinds and amounts of elements in chemical compounds that are important to your research, including the following:

  • Heavy metals in streams and rivers;
  • Composition of wood preservatives in building materials;
  • Nutritional content of foods;
  • Calcium in deer antlers;
  • Iron and nickel in benthic samples from the Atlantic Ocean
  • Toxic elements like cadmium in hand-painted Italian pottery.

Note on sample shipping: Samples to be analyzed by the Chemical Analysis Laboratory should be sent to 110 Riverbend Rd., Room 170, Athens, GA 30602. Do not send samples to the CAIS, which is located in a separate building on the UGA campus.

For further information contact Becky Auxier (706) 542-6031